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My container of compost. Covered in dirt to hide. 
Volunteer seedlings.

My container of compost. Covered in dirt to hide.
Volunteer seedlings.


Gardening 101: How to Grow your Own Food - Solana Center, Encinitas, CA 

Diane demonstrates how to build your own compost pile!

Of course my girl would find a Diane to teach her what I teach everyone else :-)
I am overjoyed that my children are gardening now!!!

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Two Peas in a Pod! Cousins Paula and Roberta

Time with my extended family was quite sporadic in my younger years. Of course I knew all my cousins and spent a little bit of time with them here and there but I never got the chance to develop those tight family bonds I have seen in other…

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World Water Day - Water Saving Tips #1

  In the kitchen: Cut down on your hand washing; if I just have one dish that needs to be washed I just rinse it off quickly so no food hardens and then set it in the sink until I have a full sink, usually at night and can wash all at once using the smallest amount of dishwasher detergent which will cut down on rinsing.  Use a  sprayer or short blasts of water to rinse.  This can save 100 gallons a week.  Additionally you are not wasting water multiple times waiting for the water to warm up to wash.

   I keep a bucket either in the sink or by the sink to catch the cool, clean water, as I wait for the hot water to come through. This water is used to fill up the water basin for my hydroponics garden and I scoop out clean water and rinse my vegetables and fruits in a bowl or dish, instead of under running water.  You can save up to 30 gallons a week.

   What about if the water is too hot and you are waiting for it to cool down?  You can save that water too. I fill up my electric kettle while the water is cooling.  Saves water and whenever I am desperate for a tea, especially on early mornings,  I don’t have to wait to fill the kettle, I  just turn it on.  Alternately you could put the water in your coffee pot or if you tend to boil water in a pot frequently for hard boiled eggs or cooking you can fill up a pot to have on hand on the stove. 

   Have a garburator? Actually lets just address this word, garburator for a second.  This is the Canadian word for garbage disposal and I will never stop using it, I don’t care how many people don’t understand what I am referring to.  OK back to water saving tips.   You can use the cold water you caught to run your garburato. Additionally by running it only on alternate days, and you can save up to 25 gallons a week.

Awesome tips for reducing water use


The COOLEST puzzle ever! Thanks Devon and Scott for such a thoughtful gift!


  Ok so this is another recipe I figured out to satisfy JP’s cravings while still maintaining  his healing grain-free diet.  They are pretty easy to make it but it takes some time between baking the sweet potato, forming the dumplings and then baking them.  You can bake the sweet potatoes ahead of time, I baked them up in the morning along with one for myself to have, to cut down on the processing time for dinner that evening.  Since the initial batch I’ve made three batches so far and JP really likes them.  I was never a big pasta person before I became gluten free so I don’t have much to base the flavor and texture on but they seem yummy!  I used  both my Hemp Seed Pesto and Marinara as sauce on different occasions and either seems to work well. 

Grain Free Gnocchi Recipe

Yields 28 - 32 dumplings, 2 - 3 servings


2 C cooked, riced and loosely packed sweet potato (NOT yams!)

1/2 C tapioca flour, available from Bobs Red Mill

1/2 tsp kosher salt

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 egg white, whipped to soft peak, use eggs from an ethically raised hens, available from Vital Farms


1. Preheat oven to 450.  You’ll have to determine for yourself how many sweet potatoes to select in order to yield two cups. I used two medium sized potatoes but it’s better to cook a little more than you think you might need and deal with leftovers than find yourself a quarter cup short.

2. Wash the sweet potato(es), pat dry and prick a few times with a fork. Bake on a sheet lined with foli for 30 minutes unwrapped and uncovered, flip and cook an additional 30 min. Allow to cool for a few minutes before you try handling it. Reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees.

3. If your potato(es) are thoroughly cooked you should be able to just peal the skin off with your fingers but you could also use a paring knife or even the backside of a butter knife to remove the skin. Once skin is removed send the flesh through a ricer.

4. Mix the salt and baking powder into the riced potato first, then the tapioca flour. Use your hands to mix the flour in. 

5. Separate one egg and whip the white into a soft peak.

6. As gently as you can, fold the whites into the dough. The dough will loosen, that’s ok.

7. You can reate the gnocchi dumplings however is easiest, the piping method, a spoon, two spoons work to create a quenelle  (or hands?), go with it.  Another options is to transfer the dough to a Ziplock bag, cut a one-inch opening off a corner and start piping inch-long pieces onto a silicone baking sheet or greased pan.

8. Bake at 325 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 40-45 minutes.  The bottoms will be a crisp golden brown, the tops will have slight color. The inside of the gnocchi may appear under-done… don’t worry about that.

9. When it comes to finishing the gnocchi, there really is a right way to do it.  It needs to be sauced in the classic pasta-saucing style, not heaping some  sauce over the top and calling it a day. This means on medium high you heat whatever sauce you plan to use in a sauté pan first , then add the desired portion of gnocchi to it and toss to coat. When the gnocchi has a glossy sheen, it’s ready to eat. This process achieves the right texture for this grain-free gnocchi.

10. Stored in a sealed glass container n the refrigerator Grain Free Gnocchi will last for two - three days. Store sauce separately.

 Make Ahead:  You can make the potatoes the day before to cut down prep time, just keep in the foil in the fridge. 

This sounds so yummy. I’m glad I bought sweet potatoes :-)

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